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FITWAY Landmine Attachment

By FitWay Equip.

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Elevate your strength training with the Fitway Power Cage Landmine Attachment, a versatile and robust addition to your power cage or half rack. This attachment is engineered to enhance your workout regimen through dynamic rotational exercises that activate and challenge your entire body.

Whether you're looking to perform one-arm rows, two-arm presses, or a variety of rotational movements, the Fitway Landmine Attachment is your go-to tool. Designed to accommodate both Olympic 2" and standard 1" bars, its easy-insert, pivoting sleeve allows for quick transitions and seamless exercise variations. The heavy-duty pivot point is the core of its design, ensuring smooth, consistent, and full 360-degree swivel action for a wide range of exercises.

The adjustable design of this landmine attachment makes it a perfect fit for most power cages and half racks, promoting an expansive workout without taking up extra space. Its solid construction can withstand the rigours of intense daily workouts, making it a durable and lasting piece of equipment for any fitness enthusiast.

With the Fitway Power Cage Landmine Attachment, you're not just purchasing a piece of equipment; you're investing in a multifaceted training device that opens up new possibilities for strength, stability, and endurance training. It's an essential addition that will keep your workouts versatile and engaging, pushing you towards your fitness goals.