FitWay works with our manufactures to ensure your products are built to a premium standard. With that said it is possible that an issue may arise with your FitWay product within your warranty period. 

If an issue does arise please see our warranty claim form below along with warranty details on specific products.

What is Manufacture Defect

Many of our fitness accessories will state warranty coverage applies to manufacture defect. 

Manufacture defect warranty coverage does not cover general wear and tear from use of the product, but does cover the following:

  • Cracks in welds 
  • Glue joints that may let go without contributing damage
  • Cracks, tears or cuts in plastic or rubber materials upon initial unboxing of product
  • Product abnormalities such as discoloration, deteriorating surface material misshapen products or similar cosmetic damage upon initial unboxing of product.
  • Defects in stitching that may cause seams to split tear

Additional coverage may be available and determined on a case by case basis as we collect more information regarding the damage to the product. If at any point you have a question pertaining to warranty coverage please email hello@fitwayequip.com

Warranty Claim Form