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FitWay Deluxe Olympic Bar Pad

By FitWay Equip.

Unlock a new level of comfort and performance with the FitWay Deluxe Olympic Bar Pad. Expertly designed for beginner and serious lifters alike, this high-quality pad is a game-changer for back squats, lunges, and a host of other exercises.


Crafted from high-density foam padded cushioning, this bar pad is specifically engineered to handle heavier weights with each lift. The dense foam ensures that the bar pad retains its shape, offering consistent comfort and protection even after rigorous use. You'll no longer have to endure the burden of a hard bar pressing against your upper body, as the high-density foam acts as a comfortable buffer between you and the bar.

Durable Materials

What sets this pad apart is its fit. Compatible with all Olympic-sized barbells, the Velcro straps offer a secure grip, keeping the pad firmly in place during your workout. No more annoying slips or shifts; just a sturdy, reliable velcro back pad that elevates your lifting experience.

Wrapped in durable black synthetic nylon and leather, this bar pad doesn't just look sleek—it's built to last. Easy to clean and maintain, its nylon and Velcro components add to its longevity. Unlike other pads on the market that wear out quickly, the FitWay Deluxe Olympic Bar Pad is designed for long-term use, outperforming competing products.

But that's not all. This pad is versatile, enabling you to perform a wider range of exercises comfortably. Whether you're working on back squats, lunges, or even other upper-body exercises, the added cushioning of this pad makes it a universal tool that enhances your entire workout routine.

Olympic Barbell Pads available at your local Fitness Experience

With availability online and at your nearest Fitness Experience store, be sure to pick up your Fitway Deluxe Barbell Pad at an industry-leading price today and experience a new dimension of comfort and efficiency in weightlifting. It's not just a purchase; it's a commitment to a more effective and comfortable lift at work, at home or in the gym.